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Creating A Positive Future

Carbon Captured Ltd was set up in 2008.  It’s initial goal was to develop a new way to engage stakeholders to make informed decisions. Its foundation was therefore Data Visualisation, notably the GRIP Scenario Protocol. GRIP was first produced in 2004, as part of my PhD. The work was identified as an example of research excellence with impact by RCUK. The company identified as one of NERC’s top ten impacts on climate change in their annual report to government. The company has since become a stable base for idea and knowledge production,

In the time since its foundation Carbon Captured has helped to nurture upcoming talent, providing people with experience that would not otherwise have obtained. This has occured either directly through the company or the partnerships we have setup. GRIP has  been applied in 15 Countries, the ideas behind it being seen to be replicated elsewhere.

This engagement has enabled experts, policy makers, advocacy groups and other stakeholders to work together to produce knowledge, new ways to engage each other and a means to introduce concepts to users faster. The company enables access to a greater audience without the overheads and bureaucracies of academia, with the same expertise – but more clienrt focused.

The company has been trading for more than a decade and has seen engagement with a multiplicity of clients – which is a joy to see. The ideas do not stop and we really want to bring the latest knowledge to our clients at low cost.

We have a not-for-profit arm in QuitCarbon that complements our work and are working to develop a transport arm to enable people to understand the true impact of their business and personal travel – to make informed choices. In addition we are looking to build an online presence regarding law through www.climate.law.

We are an organisation that embraces a positive outlook. We believe that building capacity is central to delivering a resilient future.

If you want to learn more, please contact us on info@carboncaptured.com or +44 (0) 333 014 3804.