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Peaks and Dips, Heroes’ in Zeros. Calculations Calculations Calculations.


The drive to zero carbon and the time frame over which it is to be achieved is growing in focus. The Paris agreement targets the 2nd half of this century. The UK’s CCC is targetting 2050. Various councils and businesses target 2030 and groups such as Extinction Rebellion demand 2025. The reasoning / rationale behind all of these vary between differences in how the ‘science’ and politics balance.

In many ways a zero carbon target is easier to guide, there are fewer discussions – less need for complex calculations or waiting periods. It means no natural gas, no petroleum, no coal being burned and fundamental changes to agricultural, waste and land use policy (capturing emissions). There may be some carbon being released in specific heavy industry but that is, likely, all. There is further dependance on the unproven Negative Emissions Technologies to help clean up the problem.

The Paris Agreement moved away from the FCCC’s focus on atmospheric concentrations of GHGs to a temperature target, based on the ‘best science’. There is no definition of ‘best’ in this regard.The two are linked, but this change creates legal ambiguities.

This presents opportunities, organisations and governments can become solution rather than problem orientated. We can measure how many low energy buildings there are, renewable energy produced, zero carbon vehicles and so on. In short if no carbon is being released, because there is no activity to support it – the figure becomes zero. If the figure is low, an 80% reduction for example we will continue to measure, fight and horsetrade.

There is a belief that we need carbon emissions to survve and thrive. This means fighting over or trying to bleed what carbon we can from the system. This is largely the tennet of the law. The same is true of a budgetting approach.

We will support you to bring together the right data to answer the questions you are considering as well as potentially challenging you with new ones. It is possible to innovate in the most challenging of economic and social circumstances.

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What Will We Achieve Together?

Carbon Captured has a track record of bringing diverse groups together, contracting expertise from 20 countries. We have helped to form policy/strategies at differing scales (from SMEs to the EU).  We look to enable decision makers with clear, evidence based messages. Our philosophy means that we engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders, understanding perspectives to help broker agreements. This is because with a strong, knowledgeable team on your side, you will be more powerful.

build networks

We broker agreements between and help to devise networks to support future action.

Data visualisation

GRIP was the first tool to incorporate a dashboard style approach into climate and energy policy,


We provide energy modelling at various scales, Helping to identify preferred areas for action.

form strategy

We work with you to form strategy, from communications to land use change and energy.