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The obligations under the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement place requirements on states. These are largely associated with reporting. The actual comitments as worded in the agreement are weak, but this does not mean it should deter from its spirit.

Pandemic associated with COVID-19 is showing us how weak our systems are. We have become used to a particular ‘way of doing things’, relient on models dependent on historical data, which they use to project into the future.

Looking ahead requires understanding that it will not look like the past, there will be new structures, new ways to do things. Laws and regulations that enshrine treaties at the national and extra-national levels require an appreciation of the law and its implications.

The most significant recent example of this is the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action (GECA). This will have implications for all member states and will continue to impact the UK if it wishes to trade as a ‘third country’. In this case their are clear implications for Ireland with the UK departing from Europe. 

There is a need to ensure that strategies and plans are aligned, that cost implications are considered in a way that represents their benefits, notably around resilience.

The models that have been relied upon need to be revisited it is an opportunity to create a new cleaner future for out own and future generations. We can already see the environmental benefits, we have further exposed the inequalities that must be addressed, now we need to decide how to do it.

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What Will We Achieve Together?

Carbon Captured has a track record of bringing diverse groups together, contracting expertise from 20 countries. We have helped to form policy/strategies at differing scales (from SMEs to the EU).  We look to enable decision makers with clear, evidence based messages. Our philosophy means that we engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders, understanding perspectives to help broker agreements. This is because with a strong, knowledgeable team on your side, you will be more powerful.

build networks

We broker agreements between and help to devise networks to support future action.

Data visualisation

GRIP was the first tool to incorporate a dashboard style approach into climate and energy policy,


We provide energy modelling at various scales, Helping to identify preferred areas for action.

form strategy

We work with you to form strategy, from communications to land use change and energy.